About us

Why a new album?

It's been a long time since 1984 when it all began. We were very young and passion gave us the strength and enthusiasm to dare. They were fantastic moments, but they passed and years went by too. We got lost and found ourselves. Massimo, after a long research and perseverance, has found the strength and enthusiasm that served to look forward and dare once again. Many things have changed. The band members went through different musical experiences, played different genres, gaining a broader and more complete awareness and level of maturity. We put all this set of things into our songs, we used our musical experience to contaminate the way we wrote all the songs on this album. And so they lost the conventional part, the structures lost the canonical patterns and we played a lot keeping in mind that the main thing we were doing was to have fun, even experiment, creating a set of dreams, the same ones that the merchant of "Dreams For Sale" invites you to grasp.